Smart Energy Management System


Smart Energy Management System

SEMS, a complete system for AC room, which can make the temperature and humidity of workshop follow the setting point and control them more precisely. The temperature and humidity of environment, supply air, return air, water and workshop can be collected all the time, and then the controller will calculate the data according to the requirements, then the fan speed, shutter switch angle and pump spraying effect will be adjusted in real time through PID.


1)Five temperature sensors and five humidity sensors are added to SEMS for AC Room (see image below).

2)All the motors are controlled by special inverters.

3)All the shutters are controlled by the servo devices.



Whether in winter or summer, the temperature and humidity changes during the day, meanwhile SEMS will help the AC Room to control the temperature and humidity of the workshop steady automatically.


Features and Advantages

 Automatically control temperature and humidity

 Increase capacity up to 150% in worest season

 Temperature and humidity control become stable

 Improve the quality of the yarn more consistently

 Central automatically control the A/C, reduce the mistake by manual control

 Energy saving 20%-60%, payback about in 24 month


Payback in 12 Month

 Power: ESS-126kw

 Load rate:65%

 Power saving rate:30%

 Monthly electricity saving:17690kw/h


 Electricity charge:$0.1/kwh

 Monthly saving:$1769


 Cost of SEMS:$21420

Payback time≈$21420/$1769=12.1 months!

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